sys security

use os querry to run exploit db against it to check my systems vunerabilities and suggest ways of patching it it should also manage the firewall that way, and it should install and use use all possible scanning tools for security in the pacman repo combine it with the previous script and make it echo […]

So How To Exploit the capitalistic System [wip]

LetS Start By defining a Target Group Target=$1 We Take The Iq Scale Ill Target 85 to 100 Giving a 34% Target Vecor Filter:IQTarget:= $2 x 0.34 Filter:OceanTarget= $3 x 0.68 Filter:FeelzTarget=[O, C, E, A, N] Filter:ActionPatterns= [A, S, S, E] Filter:PainPoints= Filter:PsychExploits= Target [ DatastreamIN ] 8.1 billion \> IQTarget 2.72 billion \> OceanTarget […]

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